About Us

Gold Finger, since its founding, to customers in the food industry offers the highest level of quality.

Food safety and human health, causing hygienic conditions with the highest being aware that important and quality standards aims to serve.

Since its inception the dried fruits sector outside of the line, before setting out to customer demands and expectations, taking into account customer satisfaction at the highest level.

Providing continuity; preserves the freshness of each product produced long lasted special package offers to the consumer in touch.

Gold Finger, dried fruits industry sectoral and technological developments without compromising quality, always aims to progress.


With the top level quality production Gold Finger, the first from buying raw materials, production and packaging, all of which are necessary in the process of testing and analysis is a structure in the meticulously.

Starting from elimination according to the grades of raw material extraction, classification, packaging, and packaging process is carried out in-our factory at Gold Finger Firm.

Our products are in our hotel, the first deployment of the last storage and supply of products from quality control at every stage up.