Chestnut Family: fagaceae (Fagaceae) from where he grew up in Turkey: the Marmara, Black Sea region.

Mostly grown in the hometown of the Mediterranean, cupola with barbed or hooked spiny, spherical and starch-rich fruit trees.

The leaves of the chestnut tree are a bit hard, the edges are sawed and the ends of the teeth are prickly. Male flowers perpendicular to long cases, female flowers are in the form of triple groups.

Since the wood of the chestnut tree accepts good polish; wood is hard and durable because it is used in construction. Around 10-12 thousand tons of chestnuts can be produced in our country.

Class Number of grain (100gr)
Calories 200-270
Sodium 275-350
Carbohydrate 351-500
Potassium 501-650
Protein 200-270
Calcium 275-350
Fat 351-500
Vitamin 501-650
Cholesterol 501-650
Iron 200-270