In Turkey, where gruzws  in the Mediterranean climate . format is a core of fruit. length can reach up to 6 centimeters.

Its shape, color and nutritional value vary according to the physical conditions in which the tree is grown. the production process of the farm is made upon the request of the customers. No additives or preservatives or chemical disinfection are added. Packaging is made in 5 and 10 kg net boxes.

Shelf life of the dates is 18 to 24 months from the date of production.


Calories:  274 kcal Vitamin B1  :  0,09 mgr
Sodium:  1 mgr Fiber:  2.3 g
Protein:  2.2 g Vitamin B2:  0.1 mgr
Potassium:  648 mgr Phosphorus:  63 mgr
Carbohydrate:  72.9 g Vitamin B3:  2.2 mgr
Magnesium:  58 mgr Calcium:  59 mgr
Cholesterol:  0 Vitamin B6:  0,153 mgr
Vitamin A 50 IU Oil:  0,5 gr Iron:  3 mgr
Vitamin B9 – Folic Acid:  24,9 mcgr