FIG Turkey are also grown extensively in the Aegean region. Turkey ranks first in the world rankings fig production   

Figs are first treated and kept. This process prevents product deterioration and keeps it fresh in terms of health. Figs are divided into sizes according to their size and are classified by numbers. After the classification process, figs with aflatoxin or risk of aflatoxin are separated and the remaining figs continue to be processed completely without aflatoxins. Washed figs are taken to the drying room and dried according to standards by controlling the humidity. The dried figs are rested and left to stand until ready to be processed. Figs are sorted according to the desired type of packaging (garland, layer, protoben ..). The figs, which have been adapted to the health conditions, are offered. Handled and quality controled figs are packed, stored for shipment

Boy Total (kg)
one -41
2nd 41-45
3 46-50
4 51-55
5 56-60
6 61-65
7 66-70
8 71-80
9 81-100
10 one hundred-