Producing with the highest level of quality understanding,  Gold Finger is in a structure that makes the tests and analyzes required in all processes from the first purchase of raw material to production and packaging stage.

Starting from the screening of the raw materials according to their characteristics, the sorting, sorting, packaging and packaging processes are   carried out by Gold Finger Company.

Our products are quality control at every stage, from the first procurement to the final storage and product distribution.

Production stages of Gold Finger  ;

Raw materials are carefully obtained from various regions of Turkey made the necessary analysis by our team of experts and commissioned after passing through certain stages of control.

Screening is classified according to the size of our facilities. For certain products, moisture control is carried out.

The product is standardized by passing through the color separation device.

No additives or preservatives or chemical disinfection are added.

All products are prepared without touching. Packed with automatic machines without touching hands.

Our products are kept in suitable conditions in cool and dry places.

Storing and shipment of products are carried out in accordance with quality standards.