Benefits of Watermelon
Watermelon contains lycopene.
Lycopene plays an important role in the protection of cardiovascular health.
* Lycopene substance is helpful in protecting bone health.
* Provides regulation of blood pressure.
* Watermelon contains calcium and posatium.
* Contains vitamin A which keeps the skin moist.
* Prevents premature aging.
* Helps to lose weight.
* Watermelon, prevents the accumulation of fat in the body thanks to citrulline. Accelerates fat burning.
* Ensures regular and good functioning of the kidneys.
* Rich in vitamin C, the watermelon protects against cancer cells.
* Good for sleep problems and muscle aches.
* Is a diuretic.
* It strengthens the digestive system with the fiber.
* It protects the eye health.
* Balances blood pressure.
* Contains vitamin C reduces asthma disease to a minimum level.
* Watermelon gives energy to the body.
* It destroys the accumulated inflammation in the body.
* Strengthens memory and increases concentration.

Sınıf Tane sayısı(100gr)
C Vitamini 8,1 mg
Demir 0,2 mg
B6 Vitamini 0 mg
Magnezyum 10 mg